Basic Greenhouse & Construction Consult


It’s important to start with the right design.  We will start with a few emails to get all your information regarding your plans/project.  Dean will provide a written report on your project, then a 1 hour consult over phone or facetime to go over everything. Calculate your sun angles for passive solar house, building, or greenhouse.  Construction tips and ideas, finding deals and resources.  Dean at Arkopia has influenced & consulted MANY builds across Canada, the USA, and the world.  Our specialty greenhouse design is completely built and operational.  The proof is in the BANANA pudding.


Basic Greenhouse & Construction Consult

Dean has shared all information on the Cold Climate, Passive Solar, Deep Winter Greenhouse on Arkopia’s Youtube Channel, influencing many builds across the world.  He has now consulted with many builds across the world to make sure the initial design is right.  Also information can be provided on passive solar house designs and other construction methods and techniques.  If you still need some help, Dean is offering his consulting time.  This can help get you some professional advice for your construction plans and/or super efficient greenhouse plans.  Using trigonometry to find proper sun placement for the different times during the year, finding your sun angles, days of sunlight, and location of the sun for all parts of the year, Dean can help you if the free youtube content isn’t enough. 

If you’re going to build something, it’s very important to get it right.  Mistakes have consequences like higher heating and cooling bills, a building not working properly, and many other potentially costly things that could have been prevented.

If you purchase a consult, Dean will get in contact with you to get some general information from you, your project, your location, etc, then schedule a time that suites us both.

We have received no government grants or financing for any aspect of our operations. 

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