Products in Development

Arkopia has developed over 200 products, some of which we will be taking to market in the future. The trouble with freeze drying is that it is the most expensive and luxurious way to get real, nutrient dense food to people. When things cost so much more to produce, the price is obviously more and gets out of the price range of the average Canadian, but we continue to work to combine high quality, large portions, and affordability.

Our Farm and Freeze Dry facility is located just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and we never stop innovating!

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Freeze Dried Raw Hardneck Music Garlic – The Worlds Best

We use this in cooking almost every day and a bag lasts soooo long. Use roughly 20x less than any garlic powder on the market. 

We feel it’s still way to expensive to make into a business and take it to market, but still working on ideas. 

Nearest comparable product on the market is $70, in pharmaceutical capsules, in Europe.  

This is the best garlic in the world with the water removed using the best method possible (freeze drying).  The worlds best garlic product.

Freeze Dried Day-Farm-Fresh Eggs

2 teaspoons of freeze dried egg and 2 tablespoons of water = 1 farm fresh egg.   Can’t tell the difference between a 3-year old egg and an egg laid that day.   Freeze Drying is so cool.

Astronaut Ice Cream

Yes, we freeze dry ice cream too.   Not many nutrients to bother trying to retain, not healthy at all, and it’s nearly impossible to rehydrate, but they sure make a really neat dry snack.   Tastes exactly like ice cream (obviously), but a light and airy texture almost like a sponge toffee.


Freeze Dried Fruit, Milk, and Granola MRE

A Super Breakfast MRE (Meal Ready To Eat).   Just add water and eat, or even just eat dry out of the bag.   The fruit almost instantly rehydrates.    It’s like you just made a breakfast with a healthy granola, poured on some fresh milk, and cut up some fresh fruit.   This will likely be Arkopia’s next product launched after our most-desirable Smoothies, because we can beat competitors prices with a much higher quality product.  


More Original Arkopia Creations