Arkopia provides the Highest Quality Freeze Dried Food!

By gently removing the moisture without using heat, the food retains up to 98% of the nutrients, benefits, taste, colour, aroma, and stays fresh in our high quality packaging for up to 25 years!

The Fresh Fruit Smoothies they'll eat on Mars. Arkopia made them for the next harshest environment....CANADA

NASA …..”In planning for the long duration Apollo missions, NASA conducted extensive research into space food. The foods are cooked, quickly frozen and then slowly heated in a vacuum chamber to remove the ice crystals formed by the freezing process. The final product retains 98 percent of its nutrition and weighs only 20 percent of its original weight.” 


Freeze Drying retains 98% of the Nutrients, Benefits, Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Antioxidants, Taste, Colour, and Aroma as Fresh.

Most other common forms of food preservation destroy over HALF of the food value.


FREEZE DRIED FOOD, when packaged properly, stays fresh for 25 years.

Completely Void of Moisture, Light, and Oxygen, Freeze drying eliminates the need for refrigeration and does not degrade over time like any food with any moisture content.

If stored in a cool, dry, dark, stable environment, freeze dried food will last almost indefinitely.

Article: Freeze Dried COVID19 Vaccines

“Powder vaccines, known as lyophilized (freeze dried) formulations, can be reconstituted before injection”

Article: NASA is Freeze Drying Blood

SPACE BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS: "It wouldn't need refrigeration. It could last a lifetime. It needs only water to rehydrate and NASA's taking notice."

This is a photograph of the difference between Freeze Dried Apples and Dehydrated Apples:

On the left is our freeze dried apple slices.   They retain 98% of the appearance, color, size, and nutrition as when they were fresh.  With our packaging and an oxygen absorber, they will stay fresh for 25 years.  

On the right is dehydrated apple slices that used low heat to remove the moisture.  These apple slices have less than 50% of the nutrients as fresh, have shriveled up, and only last for up to 4 years if dehydrated properly and packaged properly. 

Food Storage

All of our product packages are of the highest quality, custom manufactured to protect the valuable contents.  With our vast research, 150 micron mylar walls protect our food almost indefinitely.

All initial oxygen is removed during the packaging stage.  Completely void and protected from oxygen, moisture, and light, our products will last pretty much indefinitely. It is always best to store our products (and everything else you store) in a cool, dry, dark environment without any severe environmental fluctuations.

Although completely safe in the trunk of your car in +30 degrees C or -50 degrees C, the severe fluctuations will compromise the integrity of the package over time, which can then compromise the contents.  Severe heat may destroy some of the food value that freeze dried food offers, turning it more into a dehydrated-quality food.  Extreme severe heat (30+C) can actually melt certain characteristics in the food, such as sugars in the Freeze Dried Smoothies, causing clumping to occur.  Amazingly, the food would still not be spoiled, but have less nutritional values and may be harder to prepare.

For storing for only a few years, store anywhere you like.  The more stable the environment the better.  If you are planning on consuming our products 25, 30, or 50 years from now, store in the most stable environment you can (Cool, dark, and dry conditions).

We do simple tests with our products, including leaving prototypes in various extreme environments to test how they hold up.   We have left prototypes outside in the summer time, and outside in the extreme cold winters.  We do not recommend storing products in any extreme conditions; this is for research purposes only. 

Our packaging is such high quality that when a high-power flashlight is put directly against the packaging, little or no light gets through.   For moisture, you could throw our products in a lake and find them a month later to find that the contents are still moisture-free and ready to eat!