Terms & Conditions

Memberships are non-refundable because you have access to all products at membership prices, and referrers get referral fees.  You can chose not to renew next year when your membership is due, if you decide to cancel.

New Members are given access to the Referral Program with their own personalized referral code.  You may use this code wherever you like, and there are no restrictions on the amount of times the code can be used, or how much money you can earn from the referrals.  Your earnings will be available to view in your account page.   We have to do manual mass payouts to PayPal, so please allow at least 30 days before your referred earnings are transferred to you PayPal.  If you did not provide the necessary PayPal email, or there is a problem with the email, your earnings will stay in your account until you fix the problem.

Memberships grant access to all pricing discounts on this website.  The memberships do not grant access to any price discounts from retailers, other websites, amazon, etc.

Arkopia’s prices are subject to change at anytime, for any reason.   As we monitor inflation and our ever-increasing costs of doing business, our prices are likely to continue to increase.  This includes prices for all products, including memberships.  In the unlikely event that we are unable to sell products anymore, for any reason (can’t replenish inventory, wars, bankruptcy, famine, etc), there are no refunds on your membership.  

Products are best stored in a cool, dry, dark, and stable environment.  Products have a best before date on the package, but we can not guarantee the best before date because we do not know how it was stored or handled.  We are not responsible for any misuse of our products, and not responsible for any problems from not reading product directions.  Keep out of reach of children.  If product packaging is compromised, do not consume the product.  Once moisture is introduced to freeze dried food products, the product spoils like fresh food.  Do not eat or blend the enclosed oxygen absorber packet.  Be careful of sharp edges on packaging.