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144 Packs of Arkopia Freeze Dried Smoothies

Variety 144 Pack (48B,48G,48T), 144Berry, 144 Green, or 144 Tropic
144 Pounds of fruit, freeze dried, in every 144 pack.  432 Canada food guide servings of fruit in every 144 pack.
Berry Power:
  • The Antioxidant Power of 81 Whole Berries in each Smoothie.  The Berry Power Smoothie is rich, deep color, sweet, with the perfect raspberry tartness.
  • Total Ingredients: 1 Banana, 16 Strawberries, 44 Blueberries, 14 Blackberries, and 7 Raspberries (freeze dried)
Green Power:
  • Rich and healthy, but nice and sweet.  So much spinach it’s the equivalent of eating a regular size spinach salad, plus 2 full servings of fresh fruit!
  • Total Ingredients: 3/4 of a Banana, Slice of Pineapple, 1 Apple, 2 Cups of Spinach, 1/2 of a Kiwi (freeze dried)
Tropic Power:
  • Transports you to Sweet Paradise.  So refreshing and so healthy.  This is our smoothie to satisfy the sweetest taste with all Fresh Tropical Fruits.
  • Total Ingredients: 1 Mango, 3/4 of a Banana, Slice of Pineapple, 3/4 of a Peach, 1/4 of a Papaya (freeze dried)
Directions: REMOVE THE OXYGEN ABSORBER. Add 400-600ml of cold water to a container with a lid, add the entire package of smoothie powder, shake until powder is dissolved, then enjoy!

Freeze Drying retains up to 98% of the nutrients, benefits, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, taste, colour, and aroma as a freshly blended smoothie with fresh ingredients. 

  • Each makes a thick and filling 2-3 Cup / 16-24oz Smoothie from 56g (2oz) of Freeze Dried Fruit!
  • 1 Pound (454g) of Fresh Fruit in Each, Freeze Dried and Powdered
  • 3 Complete Servings of 100% fresh, pure, whole, raw, natural fruit in each.
  • Just Add To Water, Shake and Enjoy (as fresh as a freshly blended smoothie with fresh fruit)
  • All The Nutrients as Fresh and Stays Fresh For 25 years (no preservatives)
  • No Fillers, No Additives, No Flavouring, No Colouring, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non GMO
  • No Blender, No Refrigeration, Zero Food Waste

The Variety Pack comes with a High Quality 3-compartment displayer, unassembled with instructions, with a top advertising flap.  It is designed to fit on any standard store shelf or counter, or simply use it to show your friends or just display your smoothies in your pantry.

Legal Disclaimer:  This is REAL FRESH FRUIT with the water removed: once moisture is introduced the product will begin to spoil like fresh fruit, because it is fresh fruit!  Each package has a food-grade oxygen absorber.  Do not eat or blend the oxygen absorber. If you leave the oxygen absorber in your shaker cup, it is food grade and completely safe, but DO NOT BLEND THE OXYGEN ABSORBER IF YOU DECIDE TO USE A BLENDER!  If the packaging is compromised, do not consume.

SVG: 3 servings of fresh fruit (Canada Food Serving Guide)

Best Before: Current Inventory BB 2043/08 (Best stored in a cool, dry, dark, stable environment)  

Allergens: None (Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non GMO)

Certifications: HACCP, BRC, IFS, KOSHER, HALAL, ISO, FDA, NON-GMO, AOAC 2007.1 (mod)

Tax Status: Taxed at a rate of 0% (basic grocery status)

Net Weight: 56g (2oz) – 1 pound (454g) of fresh fruit, freeze dried and powdered.

Total Unit Weight: 68.8g   Package Dimensions: 12cm * 17cm * 1cm  HS Code: 1106300000

Weight11.7 kg
Dimensions30 × 40 × 40 cm
144 Packs

Variety, Berry, Green, Tropic