BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie
BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie
BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie
BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie
BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie
BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie
BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie

BULK 432 PACK - (only $6.49/smoothie) - Free Shipping - regular $7.99/smoothie

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432 days of your daily recommended fresh fruit and/or veg

For those that want to ensure they eat healthy, no matter what!


6 cases of 24 (144 smoothies) Berry Power
6 cases of 24 (144 smoothies) Green Power
6 cases of 24 (144 smoothies) Tropic Power

 That's 432 pounds of fresh fruit - 1296 Canada Food Guide Servings

- 1 pound of fresh fruit / veg in each package

- 3 Canada Food Guide Servings of Fruit / Veg in each package

- 98% of the nutrients, benefits, taste, colour, and aroma as a freshly blended smoothie with freshly picked fruit / veg.

- Stays Fresh for 25 Years

- No refrigeration or special storage

- Just add water, shake and enjoy.

- Each package makes a 2-3 cup smoothie, depending on how thick you like it. 


The Berry Power Smoothie is rich, deep color, sweet, with the perfect raspberry tartness.  The antioxidant power of 81 berries.  Each package contains approximately 1 whole banana, 16 strawberries, 44 blueberries, 14 blackberries, and 7 raspberries.

The Green Power Smoothie is rich and healthy, with 3/4 of a whole banana, 1 whole apple, and so much spinach it's like eating a regular size spinach salad.  The pineapple and kiwi gives this smoothie a nice and sweet flavor.   Your kids won't know they are getting both their fruits and vegetables. 

The Tropic Power Smoothie transports you to Sweet Paradise.  So refreshing and so healthy.  Approximately 1 pound of fruit including 1 whole mango, 3/4 of a banana, pineapple, papaya, and peach.  This is our smoothie to satisfy the sweetest taste buds with 100% naturally occurring sugar from the sweet fruits.


Each package contains a hearty and healthy smoothie in freeze dried powder form, with the only ingredients as 100% pure, natural, whole fruit / veg.   Fresher than a smoothie made from frozen produce, as fruits and vegetables that are in the freezer for long periods of time loose their nutritional value: Ours Don't!

Super Lightweight, Super Convenient, Super Healthy.   

Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, Paleo, Halal, Dairy Free, Nut Free, No Fillers, No Preservatives, No artificial flavors, No added Sugar, Non GMO: The only ingredients are fresh and 100% natural whole produce.

We drink them straight, but feel free to add your favorite yogurt, milk, protein powder, ice, alcohol, or whatever you like for your own preference: We provide the healthy and wholesome main ingredients that everyone can enjoy.  

150 micron thick pure aluminum package measuring 12cm*17cm that keeps the food fully protected from moisture, oxygen and light, ensuring an almost indefinite shelf life.  A high powered oxygen absorbing packet removes all oxygen from the inside of the package.  For optimum storage, store in a stable, cool, and dry environment.   For use within a few years, store anywhere you like.  Completely void of moisture, light, and oxygen, this pure fruit smoothie will last almost indefinitely.

Net 24.2kg of product total - approximately 432 pounds of fresh fruit, freeze dried and powdered

Net 56g (2oz) per smoothie - approximately 1 pound of fresh fruit, freeze dried and powdered.

Total Unit Weight: 30 kg (432 smoothies)

SVG: 1296 Canada Food Guide Servings

Shelf Life: 25 years.

Certifications: HACCP, BRC, IFS, KOSHER, HALAL, ISO, FDA, NON-GMO, AOAC 2007.1 (mod) 

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