Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I forget to take out the oxygen absorber when I make the smoothie, is it still safe?

A: Absolutely.   The oxygen absorber is food-grade and perfectly safe.   We actually leave the oxygen absorber in the shaker cup when we add water to make it, and discard it later.    IF YOU ARE USING A BLENDER, DO NOT BLEND UP AND EAT THE OXYGEN ABSORBER.  Be sure to remove the oxygen absorber if using a blender.  We add the oxygen absorber during the packaging stage to ensure that all oxygen is removed from the food, ensuring the extremely long term shelf life.

Q: How do I prevent Clumping of the powder when I make the smoothie?

A: Add water FIRST to the container, and then the freeze dried fruit powder on top of the water, as it says in the dirrections.   If you add the freeze dried fruit first, some of it will clump up on the bottom of the container (same as any protein powder).    Any container with a lid works, but a shaker cup works better.  A shaker ball works really well to rehydrate the fresh fruit even quicker.   It is also great to use a larger container than is needed, so the Smoothie has more room to slosh around when shaking.  

Q: Is there any added sugar?

A: No!  The only ingredients are 100% fresh fruit (and spinach in the green smoothie).   Fresh fruit has naturally occuring sugars that affect the body differently than added sugar.   In Canada, it is manditory to show the "total sugar" on the nutrition charts with the %DV, even for naturally occuring sugar.   In the USA, the FDA nutrition charts are manditory to separate "added sugar" and "naturally occuring sugar".   The %DV in the USA for our products with only naturally occuring sugar is 0%, while in Canada it is manditory to combine the different sugars.   We don't know why Canada does this because it doesn't make sense, but unfortunately we had to follow Canada's rules for food labelling.

Q: Why is there so much fruit?

A:  Our biggest complaint is that "there is too much fruit" in our smoothies.   Each of our smoothies has a full 3 servings of fruits and/or veg.   The Canada Food Guide recommends 4-10 servings of fruit and vegetables each and every day, depending on the age and size of the individual.   Each of our smoothies is approximately your full daily recommended intake of fruit.  The average adult should drink 1 of our smoothies per day, plus possibly another serving of fruit throughout the day, and then about 6 servings of vegetables on top of all that.  Most Canadians don't get even close to their recommended fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Q: What is your packaging made of?

A: We developed a specialized 4-layer thick packaging that completely protects the food 100% from moisture, oxygen, and light, making our products last almost indefinitely.  One of the layers is pure aluminum, (the food does not come in contact with this layer.

Q: Is you product certified organic?

A: No, we do not have an organic sticker on our products.  Our products are tested with the AOAC2007.1 (mod) pesticide residue tests, as well as microbiological, moisture, and metal tests.   Canada has very strict standards for pesticides, and we are hunreds of times under Canada's regulations.   To go with certified organic products, we felt that the price increase would be too high for customers, and because our goal is to help many people eat healthy, we did not want to price our products out of the affordability range of most people.   The CFIA (Canada food inspection agency) did a study on organically-stickered products to find that about 50% of those products were not organic, and 1.8% of the organically-stickered products had pesticide levels so high that they did not comply with Canada standards.   Arkopia's products tested so low that the equipment barely registered anything, making our products more organic that about HALF of organic products in Canada!  With the new USDA organic regulations where products that are 95% organic or more can get organically certified, we may consider going through the process to get this sticker in the future.

Q: Is there really 1 Pound of fruit in each smoothie?

A: Yes.   Fresh fruit is mostly water; on average 85-90% water content.   With the freeze drying process, all the water is removed without using heat, leaving behind fresh fruit with all the nutrients as fresh, but no water.   Each smoothie contains 56g of freeze dried fruit that is powdered.   For example, there is 454 grams in 1 pound, and our products are 56g each.   454g divided by 56g gives a percentage value of the water removed to be 81%.   Spinach for example is over 95% water content, where as bananas on average are 84%.  Our company has an extensive database from our research and development with detailed lists of water content values based on actual hands-on freeze drying.

Q: Is there really all the nutrients that fresh fruit has?

A: Yes.  The freeze drying process does not use heat, unlike canning, dehyrating, and cooking.   Freeze dried food retains up to 98% of the food value, unlike any other method of preservation that destroys more than 50% of the food value.  Freeze drying is the most expensive and luxurious way to preserve food.   For an example of the power of sublimation (freeze drying), you can freeze dry yogurt and years later use it as a yogurt starter culture, you can germinate freeze dried seeds, and you can even freeze dry blood, that when rehydrated years down the road, can be reintroduced back into the body.   Our Freeze Dried Pure Fruit Smoothies are the Freshest Fruit in Canada.   Frozen fruit looses nutrition every day it is in the freezer, and the "fresh" produce at every grocery store in Canada is already old by the time it reaches the grocery store.  

Q: Are your products baby safe and pregnant lady safe?

A: Of course.  When we were pregnant with our first child, we drank our products daily.   Our baby's first solid food was our own product, and our child now eats these daily, as we do.   Our products double as baby food: to make a pure fruit puree, just add less water (300ml) to make it thicker, shake and enjoy.   Our products were also a life-saver with our difficult child-birth, as we were able to have the freshest fruit smoothies in Canada in our hospital room.