Freeze Drying

Freeze Drying is the best way to preserve food.   Up to 98% of the nutrients are retained, unlike canning and dehydrating which can destroy over HALF of the food value.   With up to a 25 year shelf-life, freeze dried food stays fresh for when you need it.

NASA ....."In planning for the long duration Apollo missions, NASA conducted extensive research into space food. The foods are cooked, quickly frozen and then slowly heated in a vacuum chamber to remove the ice crystals formed by the freezing process. The final product retains 98 percent of its nutrition and weighs only 20 percent of its original weight."

A company called HarvestRight is now selling the most affordable smaller freeze driers and advertise 97% nutrient retention:

Our products are preserved without using a heating process, unlike canning and dehydrating, so almost all of the nutritional value in the food is retained.  In fact, freeze dried yogurt can be used as a starter culture to make more yogurt, decades after it was preserved.   You can also germinate freeze dried seeds, and even freeze dry blood that when re-hydrated with water can be introduced back into the body!

We take the spoilage factor away from the food, as our products require no refrigeration and have a room-temperature shelf life that is so long, none of your valuable food will go bad.  Our food is also lightweight to carry and store, the packaging isn't fragile like glass cars, and electricity is no longer required to store the food.

This is a photograph of the difference between Freeze Dried Apples and Dehydrated Apples:  On the left is our freeze dried apple slices.   They retain 97% of the appearance, color, size, and nutrition as when they were fresh.  With our packaging in a mylar bag with a 100cc oxygen absorber, they will last for up to 25 years, while staying fresh.  On the right is dehydrated apple slices that used low heat to remove the moisture.  These apple slices have less than 50% of the nutrients as fresh, have shriveled up, and only last for up to 4 years if dehydrated properly and packaged properly.

Freeze Drying Benefits

-Convenience Anywhere: Fresh Healthy Food, Anytime, Anywhere.   Just open the package and enjoy.

-Fresh food: Freeze dried food tastes fresher than any other method of preserved food.   The only way someone can have better food is if they harvest it themselves and eat it as soon as it’s harvested.   Food that is freeze dried in it's freshest state has more nutritional value than the majority of the "fresh" produce found in grocery stores.

-Healthy food:  Up to 98% of nutrients are preserved using freeze drying, unlike any other type of food preservation.  Our products have No Fillers, No Additives, No Preservatives, and are 100% whole, natural, and pure. 

-Easy to prepare: "Just Add Water".  All you need is water, and you can enjoy our products.

-Time saving: Our smoothies can be left in your locker at work, in the glove compartment of your vehicle, in your desk drawer, etc.  As long as you have water and a container, you can enjoy a fresh fruit smoothies anywhere.  No more lineups at fast food smoothie stores.  You can even make a smoothie at a traffic stop light on your commute that is healthier than any "fast" food joint.

-Storage: No more produce goes bad in the fridge and wastes your money.  Use freeze dried food and reseal the bag after each use so it can store for years.   The freeze dryer machine allows a full 25 year shelf life on freeze dried produce, although if properly stored, the products will last much longer.  We use a thick pure aluminum package with an oxygen absorber that removes and protects the product completely from oxygen, moisture, and light.  Although no refrigeration is needed, it is always best to store long-term products in a cool, dry, dark, and stable environment for the longest possible shelf-life.

-Emergency preparedness: You won’t have to worry about running out of food or food spoilage in an emergency situation, or if you had the forethought to store up some canned and dehydrated goods, you may be surprised to find that they have spoiled when you might need those most.


The Freeze Drying Process is said to be the most luxurious way to remove the moisture from food because of it's time-consuming and expensive process in the vacuum freeze drying machines.    

When the food is freshest, it is quickly flash frozen to preserve all of the freshness, then put into the freeze dryer machines, and when the process is finished, you are left with a end product that retains almost all of the properties of when the food was picked fresh (appearance, aroma, nutrients, taste, color, size, benefits).   After the product is removed from the freeze dryers, it is quickly packaged to protect the food from light, oxygen, and moisture.  Freeze dried food is even fresher than frozen food, as frozen food looses it's food value over time in the freezer.

-Some foods don’t require rehydration like apple slices, banana bits, strawberry bits, yogurt drops, beet chips, etc and may be eaten as a snack right out of the bag, rehydrating in your mouth as you eat them.   Dry snacks have all the benefits of eating fresh food, just without the water in it.

-The light weight of freeze dried foods benefits campers, northern hunting/fishing camps, anyone wanting to travel lightly, as well as you can haul much more product.  Imagine carrying enough food in your vehicle for a cross country road trip, without needing to stop once for food.  Remote locations don't need refrigeration and because freeze dried food is real food without water in it, it is extremely lightweight for transporting.

-The only way to get a better product is to eat it fresh in season.   For those that live in a place with a harsh and long winter (like us), we feel spoiled to be able to enjoy fresh freeze dried food year round.