Be Prepared

Arkopia Provides the highest quality freeze dried food that has an almost indefinite shelf-life.   Our products are some of the best and healthiest preparedness foods available, but we have challenged ourselves to get our prices low enough that our great products can also be consumed on a daily basis for nourishment, health, vitality, and everyday convenience.  We have found that there are only a small amount of people who have the foresight to prepare, so we target the everyday person who simply wants the healthiest and most convenient food, for incredible prices.

In only the last 100 years or so, humanity has lost many of the essential and basic skills and knowledge required to live.  Our current system makes life very easy and enjoyable to live, but unfortunately has made everyone loose touch with basic necessities, has made a very soft society, and makes for a very fragile system that we are all reliant on.  98% of the population in the west is urban, gardening and self-reliance are skills of the past. 

Most people do not have more than a few days worth of food available to them, we are completely reliant on the fragile grid for our survival, and food is grown for quantity and not quality by massive farming operations that require a huge demand for fuel, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, large machinery, etc that deplete the soil year after year.  

We look at food in 2 ways.  On one hand, there is a massive abundance of food: unfortunately all of that food is "fake food" that is produced in mass, with artificial ingredients, and has little or no nutritional value.  On the other hand, there is a massive scarcity of real food that has actual nutritional value and will nourish the body and mind.  There is a reason why everyone is obese, sick, diseases spread, cancer grows, autism increases, IQs drop, use of medication increases, etc. Very few people these days are getting the nutrition they should be getting from their food, and it would be safe to say that the food most people are consuming is shortening their lives.

It is estimated that grocery stores have a mere 3 days of food available if the trucks stopped hauling food.   It is also estimated that the entire world store of food is less than 1 month, if all food production was to stop.   The world has fast become a giant house of cards that relies on so many fragile systems to keep it all afloat.  Even the government recommends that everyone have at least 72 hours of emergency food on hand.   Us at Arkopia believe that is a good place to start, but we recommend having much more than 3 days.

The following are a few reasons we feel you should have food storage:

- Hyperinflation: because we are on a fiat (faith based) currency and the financial system and population is built upon debt and the infinite printing of currency, this drives the fiat dollars down and inflates the prices of all goods and services in relation to fiat currency.  We at Arkopia believe that the inevitable collapse of fiat currencies is speeding up, which means everything will seem like it is getting more expensive.   Our food lasts so long, that it is almost classified as an investment, or at the very least, some insurance against hyper-inflation.  When the inevitable hyperinflation starts, our prices will reflect how much the dollar gets devalued, so STOCK UP NOW while you have the opportunity.

- Natural Disaster: Whether you believe in global warming, global cooling, Yellowstone Volcano, Solar Flares taking out the electrical grid, or simply a long and harsh winter, it is important to make sure you have your essentials: food, water, shelter, and security.   Some people live by the ocean and are worried about tsunamis, others live and fault lines and are worried about earthquakes.   It is important to be ready to survive anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

- Mankind - EMP (electromagnetic pulse) taking out the electrical grid, terrorist attacks, governments going tyrannical, central banking, fractional reserve banking, or the next world war.  Crops are produced using massive machinery and massive synthetic inputs that deplete soil every single year; when there is a finite amount of topsoil and some topsoil is lost every year, it is easy to figure out what happens.  The "soil" today that most "food" is grown on is no longer soil; it is simply a media to hold seeds, synthetic inputs, and chemicals.  Never underestimate what mankind is capable of and the consequences of mankind's actions and decisions. 

- Politics - A lot of people prepare are concerned with increasing government tyranny.   Some people are concerned with increasing taxes and regulation that make it much more expensive to live, while on the other side, people are concerned that taxpayer-funded social security benefits will be cut, making it harder to get by as well.   Whether you are on the right or the left of politics, massive changes will be taking place in the near future, and it is inevitable that times will be changing.  There is no sense in playing the blame-game anymore, because there is no solution to decades of unsustainable politics and an ever expanding government.  

- Debt - We live in a world based on debt.   The joke is that a person is as rich as the credit they can obtain.  Currently at the end of January, 2018 the US debt is over 21 Trillion Dollars, and this doesn't even include the estimated 45 Trillion Dollars in unpaid pension promises.  If interest rates rose to 10%, the amount of the entire budget of the entire US government wouldn't even pay the interest on the debt.  Global debt puts a burden of $30,000 on every man, woman, and child.  The stock and bond markets are at all time record highs and growing rapidly and mimic a fragile bubble waiting to burst.  The infinite printing of new money and injection into the markets (QE - Quantitative Easing) to prevent major corrections has simply kicked the can down the road so far that the final correction will be catastrophic, instead of just a necessary free market correction.  The state of fractional reserve banking means for every 100 dollars the banks say they have, they only actually currently have 10 cents to $5.00 in physical cash, depending on the bank.  In the 2008 prelude to the actual collapse, the banks were bailed out; the next time the banks fail there is a bail-in clause that allows deposits to be confiscated.  Since the majority of the population is surviving because of credit, what happens when the credit stops?

- Food in General - Almost all of the food that humans grow, raise, and produce are void of nutrients, and some are also slowly killing us.   Food is grown with massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, in contaminated soil, and in dead soil.  Every year of farming on a mass scale, topsoil is lost and the soil is destroyed.  It takes nature a full 100 years to grow 1 inch of topsoil, and we currently grow food on land with hardly any topsoil left.  Food is mankind's most valuable resource yet there seems to be little value put into the preservation of growing capabilities.  If you want to plant a vegetable garden on land that has been "traditionally" farmed with mono-culture-crops, we are not surprised when you find out that nothing grows, because the "soil" is not soil anymore.  The path we are all going down spells out disaster ahead.

So whatever circumstances you feel the need to prepare for, we are here to help people who have the foresight to help themselves, as well as provide the best food that we can for the best prices possible for use on a daily basis.

We suggest that everyone not only have long-term food storage, but also have an alternative water source, follow our lead and have the means to produce their own food, a means of self defense, and the means to preserve their own food themselves.  If anything interrupts the fragile systems that society is now completely reliant on, it will be your own responsibility to provide for yourself and your family.

Make sure you have your food, water, shelter, and security.   It is important that after you have covered these essentials, you make sure you have other things that you need and physical assets in your personal possession. 

Arkopia also strongly recommends that you have precious metals in your personal possession.   There will come a time in the future where we will not accept currency for our products.  For the province of Saskatchewan, we recommend a broker in the Saskatoon area called SILVERTIP GOLD for the best prices and best service.   Click on the photo below to visit SILVERTIP GOLD.   

After you have your precious metals in your personal possession, we also recommend getting a Goldmoney account to more quickly trade precious metals.  This service is similar to creating your own gold standard money, as they hold your precious metals in Vaults and allow you to use it for daily transactions and trading. Referral Code "arkopiagold". 

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