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Freeze Dried Food Canada

 NASA ....."In planning for the long duration Apollo missions, NASA conducted extensive research into space food. The foods are cooked, quickly frozen and then slowly heated in a vacuum chamber to remove the ice crystals formed by the freezing process. The final product retains 98 percent of its nutrition and weighs only 20 percent of its original weight." 

Freeze Dried Food Benefits Shelf Life Nutrients


Freeze Drying retains 98% of the Nutrients, Benefits, Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, Antioxidants, Taste, Colour, and Aroma as Fresh.

Most other common forms of food preservation destroy over HALF of the food value.


Freeze Dried Food Long Term Food Storage


FREEZE DRIED FOOD, when packaged properly, stays fresh for 25 years (if packaged properly).  

Completely Void of Moisture, Light, and Oxygen, Freeze drying eliminates the need for refrigeration and does not degrade over time like any food with any moisture content.

If stored in a cool, dry, dark, stable environment, freeze dried food will last almost indefinitely.

NASA Freeze Dried Blood

"It wouldn't need refrigeration. It could last a lifetime. It needs only water to rehydrate and NASA's taking notice."


Some foods don’t require rehydration like apple slices, banana bits, strawberry bits, yogurt drops, beet chips, etc and may be eaten as a snack right out of the bag, rehydrating in your mouth as you eat them.   Dry snacks have all the benefits of eating fresh food, just without the water in it.

The light weight of freeze dried foods benefits campers, northern hunting/fishing camps, anyone wanting to travel lightly, as well as you can haul much more product.  Imagine carrying enough food in your vehicle for a cross country road trip, without needing to stop once for food.  Remote locations don't need refrigeration and because freeze dried food is real food without water in it, it is extremely lightweight for transporting.

The only way to get a better product is to eat it fresh in season.   For those that live in a place with a harsh and long winter (like us), we feel spoiled to be able to enjoy fresh freeze dried food year round.

Some of the Benefits of Freeze Dried Food

All The Nutrients as Fresh

All The Nutrients as Fresh

All The Nutrients as Fresh

Freeze Dried Apple

98% of nutrients are preserved using freeze drying, unlike any other type of food preservation.  Freeze Dried Food is often the exact same as Fresh Food!  

Super Convenient

All The Nutrients as Fresh

All The Nutrients as Fresh

Freeze Dried Food Smoothie Camping Water Bottle

Just Add Water, Shake and Enjoy

Take Freeze Dried Food Anywhere Canada Wide.

No refrigeration

Super Lightweight

All The Nutrients as Fresh

Super Lightweight

Freeze Dried Smoothie Food Super Lightweight Compact

Stop buying and hauling heavy food with water in it that spoils quickly, takes electricity and room in your refrigerator, cooler, or freezer.

Super Healthy

Zero Food Waste

Super Lightweight


  100% pure, whole, raw, & natural.

Freeze Dried Food is the Healthiest Packaged Food on the Market!

No Fillers, No Additives, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, No Coloring

Zero Food Waste

Zero Food Waste

Zero Food Waste

Freeze Dried Raspberries

Arkopia is proud to be a zero food waste company.

60% of food is wasted in Canada - The worst country on the planet for food waste.

Food Storage

Zero Food Waste

Zero Food Waste

Mylar Bag Freeze Dried Food Oxygen Absober Packet Keeps Food Fresh From Spoiling

Stays Fresh For 25 Years

No Refrigeration, Non-Breakable Packaging, Completely Waterproof Packaging, Space Saving, Compact, and Lightweight

This is a photograph of the difference between Freeze Dried Apples and Dehydrated Apples:

On the left is our freeze dried apple slices.   They retain 98% of the appearance, color, size, and nutrition as when they were fresh.  With our packaging and an oxygen absorber, they will stay fresh for 25 years.  

On the right is dehydrated apple slices that used low heat to remove the moisture.  These apple slices have less than 50% of the nutrients as fresh, have shriveled up, and only last for up to 4 years if dehydrated properly and packaged properly.