Canada - The worst country for food waste!  Arkopia is the solution!

2017 National Zero Waste Council Statistics


  • 63% of the food Canadians throw away could have been eaten.
  • The average Canadian household wastes 140 kilograms of food per year
  • The average Canadian household wastes over $1,100.00 of food per year.  Some statistics say over $1,700.00 of wasted food per household per year.
  • 2.2 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year in Canada, costing Canadians over $17 billion!  This 2.2 million tonnes of household food waste is equivalent to 9.8 million tonnes of CO2 (or 2.1 million cars to put it in perspective)! 
  • In Canada, the most prominently wasted foods by weight are:
    • Vegetables: 30%
    • Fruit: 15%

Arkopia's Solutions to Food Waste

Freeze Drying retains ALL of the properties that fresh food has.  It's fresh food, without the water.  When properly stored, Freeze Dried Food stays fresh almost indefinitely.

Apple slices can be freeze dried and packaged to stay fresh.  To hydrate a freeze dried apple slice, tomorrow of decades from now, you can soak it in water for 5-15 minutes and then enjoy all of the benefits of eating a freshly cut apple slice.   The apply slice will have all of the characteristics as a freshly cut apple slice (nutrients, benefits, antioxidants, electrolytes, taste, color, aroma), with the only difference will be that it won't quite retain it's crisp texture.  The freeze dried apple slices are also great to eat dry, with all the nutrients.

Using Freeze Dried Fruit to make a NO BLENDER Smoothie is the most convenient and enjoyable way for Canadians to eat their daily recommended 1 pound of fresh fruit.   Arkopia Smoothies are the same as a freshly blended smoothie with grocery-store produce, only don't require refrigeration, are super lightweight and compact, can be made in about 10 seconds with only water and a container, stay fresh indefinitely, and most importantly, are cheaper than any comparable smoothie on the market!  They are so affordable, it usually costs less than the grocery-store ingredients to take 20 minutes, a blender, a mess, and make it at home, provided your ingredients didn't spoil before you decide you want a smoothie. 

Arkopia Smoothies also don't require electricity to store (no fridge and no freezer) saving you even MORE money.  Simply stock them in your cupboard, desk drawer, glove compartment, and never worry about your food getting wasted again. 

Arkopia products have the same classification as "basic groceries", the same classification that fresh produce at your grocery store have.  All of Arkopia products are "tax free" because they are 100% raw, pure, whole and natural.  When you buy a fast-food smoothie, there is sales tax on those products.  Arkopia Smoothies cheaper than any comparable smoothie on the market, and higher quality!


Just a glimpse of canadian major-city food prices


Berries: $11.00 per lb

Blueberries: $13.27 per lb

Blueberries: $13.27 per lb

Almost the identical ingredients as Arkopia's Berry Smoothie, with 1 pound of fresh fruit.


Blueberries: $13.27 per lb

Blueberries: $13.27 per lb

Blueberries: $13.27 per lb

Arkopia Smoothies have 1 pound of fresh fruit, freeze dried and powdered

Everyone benefits from Arkopia

However, the people who benefit the most are those living in the most remote locations.  Arkopia's products are super compact and lightweight, as our products are fresh fruit, with the water gently removed.

Here are some examples of what people in the most remote parts of Canada are paying for food: 

Arkopia: from 6.99, FREE SHIPPING AND TAX FREE, on